SEO for eCommerce

E Commerce Seo

What does it take to produce great SEO for eCommerce websites? Put yourself in the mind of the customer. What are they looking for? What are they asking? What are the barriers that go up when they’re buying your products and how can you help to break them down. Descriptive product details Consider this.   If […]

Building a local events and seasonal strategy

Building A Local Events And Seasonal Strategy

For many of you, local search results and seasonal ones are key to your online success As a local business, you are going to need to improve your online visibility.   Part of your work is to prove to search engines that you are indeed local and relevant, so let’s discuss that. You’re probably already participating […]

Why does speed matter for a website


Having a fast website is an absolute must in the modern world. We all rely on the internet to access information, be it for social or business reasons. That said, how a person sees your website is under immediate scrutiny, whereby they compare it to other sites they’ve seen and learned from, so you’re already […]

Keeping a site fast

Dall·e 2024 01 20 10.13.23 Illustration Of A Rocket With Flames

Staying fast is a must for any modern website. Websites must focus on load speed, not just at the build phase, but during the ongoing updating and growth phase.   To get there and maintain that pace, requires a change in habits and focus  by the editors/admin and site owners. Performance budgets A performance budget is […]

Google and Link Text

High Level Internal Link Building Strategies

Google has recently released updated best practices for links in their SEO and search developer documentation.  Initially focused on creating crawlable links, the revised document from Google now includes additional aspects such as anchor text placements, effective anchor text writing, internal links within content, external links from other sites, and the fundamentals of crawlable links. […]

Does Page Speed Improve Search Engine Ranking

Google Pagespeed Insights

Let’s look at how Page Speed affects you Search engine Rankings So this begs the question: does page speed actually affect search engine rankings today? We’re going to examine the link between SEO, page speed and look at how page speed continues to influence rankings and results. Page Speed Is A Ranking Factor Google has […]


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