Having a strategy that targets local customers will bring great results

Building A Local Events And Seasonal Strategy
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Building a local events and seasonal strategy

Building A Local Events And Seasonal Strategy

For many of you, local search results and seasonal ones are key to your online success

As a local business, you are going to need to improve your online visibility.   Part of your work is to prove to search engines that you are indeed local and relevant, so let’s discuss that.

You’re probably already participating in local events and communities which is great, but what else can you do.

So how does participation work

Firstly, you’re taking the opportunity to create content, which shows your expertise and experience, be it educational, informational or promotional. Google factors in your (experience, expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness) into its Search Quality Rater Guidelines and ultimately the search engine rankings.

Being involved in local events and offering up seasonal communications also addresses the distance and prominence factors, which are again strong ranking factors for local businesses.

Google’s results are looking to deliver the right quality content, to the right end user every single time so recognising the local signals is crucial.

If you can make your content more visible, this will lead to more targeted traffic and new potential customers.

How do seasons matter

Consumer behaviour is affected by seasons as their buying habits change.

Everything from the goods someone needs or the services they buy into – it is all affected by the seasons.

If you’re running Surfs SUP Watersports which is a local watersports training business, you are likely to see a spike in sales during the summer, whereas a local landscaping company may see enquiries beginning to come in, during the end of winter as people begin to think of making changes to their gardens.

Something worth doing is to create “Limited Time Offers”.   This helps to create a sense of urgency, triggering an impulse purchase over a long considered one.

Where do you start developing a strategy

It’s obvious, but you need to identify which local events and the seasons are most relevant to your product or service offering.

Find ways of creating your own events or piggy backing onto others events so you can deliver your message in an authentic way.

Events you might like to consider being part of could include:

  • Real, in person seminars
  • Webinars
  • Local charity events
  • Local sports or club events
  • Holiday type events e.g Black Friday
  • Facebook group events

Be creative and find way s of mixing with your community and those who can help you to grow.   Be different, approachable and part of your Local!

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Create an event plan

Now you know what type of events you’re going to be part of, you need to structure exactly what is going into each event.

  • Goals such as number of new leads and how many attendees you want to find.
  • Who will organise the event
  • The dates and times (relevant to who can attend based on the types of jobs they have)
  • A venue/location
  • Speakers
  • Budgets where applicable
  • Promotions of the event

Setting up the content

There is much opportunity to create great localised content, when you run or just take part in an event.

Make sure your content can be produced to identify (experience, expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness) 

Promoting your event on a web page

If you plan to hold regular events then it is well worth having an events page on your website as well as any other booking system you may use online like EventBrite.

It makes sense to include imagery and written content relating to the event, noting the locations, who it is for, what is going to be covered etc. and how it is of use to those you are targeting. 

If your page contains links to other speakers or companies, then look to get a reciprocal link. These offer important ranking signals that will be relevant to your proof of “localness”.

A major part of this page, should be to answer any questions that would come up for any user before they book, so an FAQ is really help in offering up this information for your event.

Giving useful information

Making sure you provide useful and informative content, pre the even is so important.

This not only helps to catch the users attention, but also to validate the event.

The page would then link to the event booking page or a page promoting related events, much link any ecommerce system.   This helps to build authority.

A local equine photographer may begin to advertise after christmas which would allow them to discuss spring time shoots or summer options, when the sun is more likely to shine.

Google makes it very clear that high quality content, must be useful and relevant, s these sorts of pages can be used to great effect.

Video content online

It’s totally undeniable that video content is more popular than anything else online.   Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and TikTok.

We’re all used to sitting and spending time on a phone, watching News, funny videos or even films, which are all injected with advertising and this could be yours.

If you’re producing video material for these platforms, consider producing “How to Guides”, “Product demos”, “Promotions” to help you stand out from your competitors.

And let’s not forget, Google owns YouTube, so make sure your content is optimised for these platforms.

Integrating these videos into your web pages or blog posts is also beneficial, but make sure you’re linking videos in and not loading them onto your own web server as this can affect page speed performance.

Producing Social Media Content

Being online is crucial when it comes to targeting your audience.

Using those channels that target your audience, should be used to distribute the messages, articles and links to other pages, videos etc.

As a small local business, the online social channels are your fastest way to market, but make sure you include strong CTA (calls to action) within your pages.

As you begin to build up your pages, events etc make sure you integrate relevant hashtags. These hashtags will help to distribute and be found in a busy online space.

Working with your audience, ask people for feedback and get them to make it public, further reinforcing your professionalism.

Partnering can grow your profile

Teaming up with other companies, freelancers or businesses can really help to expand your network.

You’re able to educate more broadly, bounce ideas, run joint events and open doors that may have been closed.

Always measure and analyse

Being able to track metrics is crucial to seeing what is working and what is not.

Look at organic search visibility paid ads, social engagement and website visits will help you to see what’s working and allow you to consider changes and fixes.

Don’t forget to, SIMPLY ASK, the actual people you’re meeting in person.  There feedback is real.

To summarise

Google is looking for the right content and you’re more than capable in providing it. They need to deliver the right info to their users, so they really do need you.

Be consistent and make sure to keep on the ball with things going on locally.

Use your network in the local community and work those events to gain brand awareness.

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