Working to a performance budget is so important

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Keeping a site fast

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Staying fast is a must for any modern website.

Websites must focus on load speed, not just at the build phase, but during the ongoing updating and growth phase.   To get there and maintain that pace, requires a change in habits and focus  by the editors/admin and site owners.

Performance budgets

A performance budget is a set of limits than can be applied to site elements and assets.  It’s a way of putting a value on things that can be recorded and reconciled so the site admin/editors can make sure they’re not bloating and damaging performance.

Using Google Page Speed Index allow you to scan each page you produce and keep tabs on what is going LIVE.  This can flag up issues and help keep things running smoothly.

What is a budget

For the more technical readers, a performance budget would mean focussing on the numbers such as:

  • First Contentful Paint
  • Largest Contentful Paint
  • Total Blocking Time
  • Cumulative Layout Shift

All of these figures come back in the report from the Page Speed Index.

To further see the details relating to these figures you can then view the TreeMap and this shows 

What does this mean for a layman

A good web developer like me, will do our best at the outset to get the site running well both in human terms and in the Page Speed Index.

We’ll give you targets to reach with image sizes, galleries, videos etc. From thereon it’s down to you to, but we will be on call to help and do checkups and tests when necessary. 

Ttfb And Lcp Performance Budget For Web Admin

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Sticking to a budget

Performance budgets must be enforced as they’re not just a novelty.   No matter what workflow was used previously, if it caused an overload , then it must not be used and your developer will give you new methods to succeed.

The internet is such a competitive place that you really cannot afford to ignore what may be considered as big business only.

Ttfb And Lcp

To summarise

Many sites cannot achieve the high figures right across the board, especially when you begin integrating ecommerce, but, improvements can always be made in the 4 sectors being Performance, Accessibility, Best Practice, SEO

That said, there is no excuse for any small and simple site not to achieve good scores and this is something we really strive for.

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