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Acupuncture Website Design

Acupuncture website design

As an acupuncture therapist, you need to value existing customers and keep doors open to new ones Having worked with healthcare professionals in the equine and human sector for many

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Small business website design

It’s undeniable that every small business needs a website, but that’s only part of the plan. I’ve built loads of websites for small businesses over the 25 years I’ve been

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How did we go about designing and building a booking system and website for a watersports holiday business

Let me start by saying, the end result has been a huge success! Developing a website that manages bookings for holidays is not as easy as it first seems. There

Mapping out a new web design project

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When we first sit down with a new client we need to map things out so the web design project goes smoothly.

The process can take a good few hours, depending on the size of the project, but it is so important as we begin this journey.

The first thing to realise is, it is absolutely NOT POSSIBLE to move ahead without this information as it helps your web designer and developer to map out everything they’re about to create and this will save time for everyone, keeping the job on track.

Getting to know you, your business and clients

When you’ve engaged us to do your web design and build or website maintenance, part of our job is to know what and why we’re building something, so we can target our ideas and make sure they’re helping your customers and new customers convert.


What is the reason to create this website and your ultimate goals for it.

Roles and responsibilities

Let’s be clear about teams on both sides of the project.

The Audience

Who are you targetting.


Have you created a personas breakdown to understand each type of client.

A reference group

Maybe find a non-connected group of people to offer feedback.

Expectation mapping

Clearly identify what the website should do. This would embrace your services and how the user would engage with them online.

Conversion rating

How do website visitors become customer, what’s their value and what’s the lifecycle.


How much have planned to invest into the various stages of the project.

Now let’s look at the website

With the information you’ve provided we can look at what it’s going to take to build a successful website and a useful site for your new and existing customers with the obvious goal of conversion.


How are we going to make this site stand out from your competitors.

The Brand

Let’s bring your brand into the mix and build out a colour palette, font selection, image pool and make sure your logo is fit for online use.

Written content

The words are so important and need to engage your users on many levels.


Web design is obviously what we’re doing and we’ll look at options with pros and cons analysis.

Responsive Design

We focus heavily on transitioning layouts from desktop to mobile.  Tiny differences and enhancements make a huge user difference.


This links back to the brand and your overarching identity for the business.  It’s important to consider

User friendly

Nobody wants to be confused and now with our world being more mobile than desktop based we have more to consider here.


For certain sites, we’ll produce wireframes as they give a very quick insight into user journey and interactivity.

Plan out a site map

Knowing what pages are being produced and why  will be needed for both content production and the inter-linking structure.


With so many platforms to choose from, every developer with have preferences for one reason or another.


Are there any specific functions you need a user to achieve during their time online.


Integrating  promotional and instructional videos can make a huge different to client responses.


Integrating  promotional and instructional videos can make a huge different to client responses.


Let’s talk about your online blog and news channels.

Photos and Graphics

We’ll investigate the options you have for strong imagery to promote your services and products.


If you’re considering a multi language site, then we need to build this into the plan from the beginning.

Social media integration

Being online is a multi channel effort now, but how you visually combine and develop your efforts wil make a big difference.

SSL Certification

Keeping your clients info secure in your website is down to you and there are many ways you need to look at this.

Browser compatibility

You have to be realistic when considering going back to accommodate clients on very old tech.


Having a logical nav system, both on desktop and phone is so important, especially as sites get bigger. 


We never use shared, cheap hosting plans as they have a big negative effect on site performance and seo.


Our sites are all setup to be ready for SEO friendly content. Once built we can offer growth plans which integrate White Hat solutions.

Testing & Performance

All of our sites are tweaked and are heavily optimised to gain favour in google page speed index and for the end user.

Extensions & Plugins

We’ll use as few plugins as possible to help improve performance, but we’re also keen to investigate developing our own, more efficient plugins for very specific tasks.


We integrate Search Console, Core Vitals and GA into all of our sites. You can analyse yourself or we can help you to work on those figures.


We have different support plans, based on what you need, allowing you to focus on running your business.

Updates & Maintenance

Some of you may prefer it for us to help run your site. It may be a site we developed or one we’ve taken over on your behalf.


For those of you who are looking to developing an online sales platform ,for either products or services, we have various default solutions in place and ready to be integrated and customised where necessary.


Different solutions bring pros and cons to the party so we’ll look at those options and based advise on the needs and growth plans.


Looking at EPOS or other 3rd party solutions to expand the functionality of the platform.

Stratetgy moving forwards

We’re able to help plan and evolve your move forwards with the business sitting aside the functional website and online solutions.

Marketing strategy

How are you planning to get this site out to market and work with your clients.

Competitor analysis

We’ll look into the market your moving into and see who is already functional in that space.

Client selection

I’d like to think that as a business we have a say in who we work with to maximise profit and grow the business.

Email and Newsletters

Let’s work to create a brand language that helps your customers understand and recognise you in a crowded space.


Post, online, social, email channels. Which is best for you and how can we work on them.

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